Some Features
Simple script to create online tests and exams.
Allows you to add, edit questions and categories individually.
You can set timings for the tests and also can change the number of questions to be displayed in a page.
Responsive, elegant and highly customizable online quiz system.
Make changes in the settings and click get code to use it in your website.

How To Install?

Unzip Script.zip. to extract the files and folders.
Configuring a Database:
a) Create a database manually eg: “quiz”
b) In the browser execute the file mydomain.com/admin/install.php
c) Provide the database details like Username, Password, DBname, and Hostname.
d) This should install the product.
e) For Security reasons, please delete install.php from the server.
File Permission:
Set read, write permission to the file public_html/admin/auth/config.php

Admin Login:
a) Go to the page MyDomain.Com/admin/index.php
b) Use the admin user and password to login.
c) From here you can manage categories, questions and answers.

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